The Spring-Summer 2022 collection has landed. Urban style meets practicality in four variations with a contemporary feel, guaranteeing you a unique look, whatever your activity.



Thanks to the use of waterproof and wind-proof fabric, I SEE YOU is designed to be practical and essential. It features pockets, hoods, reflective bands and waterproof and wind-proof fabrics, perfect for those who love to stand out while spending time outdoors, in fine or adverse weather conditions. The excellent wearability of this line gives you greater freedom of movement. What are you waiting for? Get out there and have fun!



The BLACK BOX line offers you practicality and simplicity, without compromising on a certain touch of style. Greeting the skin with a soft, gentle feel as soon as you put it on, it is perfect for those seeking a technical garment that lets you move with ease as you go about your daily life. Available in three colours options – black, navy and grey mix – and with an essential design, it delivers the perfect combination of warmth, lightness and breathability thanks to the highly technical fabrics used.





With summer in mind, we have developed a collection that is sure to add some swagger to your wardrobe, featuring a vibrant and versatile colour palette that can last beyond the season. Inspired by the values of sport, this line is characterised by comfort and the dynamism of the graphics. The more striking tones, such as red and fluorescent yellow, contrast with the more industrial grey, white and black, highlighting the urban feel of the collection. It includes season essentials such as t-shirts, Bermuda shorts, hoodies and trousers, all embellished with functional details such as the zip placed on the outside of the pouch.



The iconic Essential collection lets you create perfect sporty, comfy and elegant outfits for days spent hanging out with friends. Classic garments are reinvented with a particular focus on quality, wearability and a minimalist aesthetic, in various options. The hoodie and trousers set offers the perfect look for exploring the city and can be combined with the t-shirt and shorts.